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Change Your Energy, Change Your Life!

We are all energy. That is the basis of our experience here. In order to live in harmony, we must balance our energy.

We also must learn to control our thoughts and our language to make changes in our lives.  This can be the hard part. There is now proof that our thoughts are real and that they help create the world we are living in…

Life Coaching

I specialize in assisting people change their mindset which in turn allows them to change their lives. That is what Empowered Life Coaching really is....we get to the core of your blockages in life whether it be depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, career issues, relationship drama, whatever it is I help you peel away the layers without having to relive the trauma so that you can receive complete healing on all levels.

I believe we all have within us the power to heal our lives.

I have healed mine and I can help you heal yours!


Readings available online, via phone or Skype.

Certified Realm Reader Certified Angel Card Reader

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